My Delbridge Lineage

Due to having my last name as my URL, I often get asked who I am, meaning what my Delbridge lineage is. Well this should answer those questions up until the mid 1700's anyway. I am part of the Southside Virginia Delbridge clan, my ancestors having lived in Brunswick County, Virginia since before the Revolutionary War when England was our mother country. There are other big Delbridge groups in the Illinois, Michigan, Oklahoma areas, as well as some from Botetourt County, Va.

Below is what I know so far. This information covers 10 generations, up to the year 2005.

If you have any information that could possibly help me in tracing my Delbridge ancestors either in early USA or from Southwest England (Somerset, Devon, or Cornwall) please email me. I am trying to piece all of this together. I have heard my lineage goes through Dunster Somerset, and prior to that perhaps Cornwall or Devon. Please contact me if you can shed any light on my lineage.

Thomas Delbridge came to the new world early in the 1700's from England. Birth/Death dates unknown at this time.

John Delbridge was Thomas's son. Dates unknown. Thought to be born in England.

Thomas Delbridge (#2) 1756 to 1845 was John's son. He fought in the American Revolutionary War. Thomas married Nancy Gwaltney 1743 (or 1745) to 1798 (or 1793). Nancy's father was William Gwaltney 1702-1743.

Thomas had at least two sons. One was, in my lineage, Benjamin Delbridge 1780-1831. Benjamin had at least 19 children and married numerous times. Thomas had another son, Warren O. Delbridge 1790-1878. Warren married Martha "Patsy" Phillips 1798-1887. I have much info in the Warren lineage if interested. Names include Caudle, Edwards, Richards, Edward Lewis Delbridge, etc..Email me if you wish other info.

Benjamin Delbridge 1780-1831 had a son named Edward W. Delbridge 1830-1888. There is also another Edward showing but w/ different dates (1809-1827. Edward W.'s lineage includes Pruetts, Fulks, Hollis, etc. Decendants of Edward include Robert Hawling (Howland) Delbridge, Willie Robert Delbridge, Della Sue Delbridge, etc. The other Edward shows a lineage including Turners, Allens, Howells, Fords: including descendants of Turner Delbridge, James Delbridge, John A. Delbridge, Charles Clifford Delbridge. Benjamin married Lucy Walton 1782 - 1847. He also had a son named Reuben Joseph Delbridge, in my lineage.

Reuben Joseph Delbridge 1839-1921 my great-great grandfather, was in the American Civil War, fighting for the 12th. Va. Infantry. Reuben married Rosa Rawlings 1848-1897. He had a son named Richard Riggians (or Riggins) Delbridge 1877-1952. Richard married Mollie Delbridge 1878-1930. They had Mattie Ollie Delbridge 1907-1987. Mattie married Allen Warren Harrell. Reuben also had a son named Robert J. Delbridge, my lineage.

Robert J. Delbridge (1883-1948) my great grandfather, married Pearl Stainback (1888-1967). They had Lillian (married Ralph Clary), Herbert Delbridge (aka: Sambo) (married Dossie Gordon), Snooks Delbridge, Rosa Delbridge, Gladys (married J.P. Ellis), Jean (married Claude Abernathy) and Lee Delbridge.

Herbert Delbridge, Sr. (aka: Sambo) (1912 -1982)(Greenville County, Va) My grandfather, he married Dossie Rella Gordon. Dossie's mother was Jimmie Welton. Jimmie's father, George Welton, my great-great grandfather, also fought in the American Civil War. Herbert and Dossie had a son named Herbert Delbridge, Jr. They also had a son named Jerry, and daughters (with married names) Nancy Cook Singleton, Barbara Webb, Marion Warren, and Elaine Lynch.

Herbert Delbridge, Jr. (aka: Bubba) had two sons. He married Linda Branscum (from California). His oldest son is Curtis Delbridge. I am Andy Delbridge. Curtis has a son named Sterling Delbridge. I have a son named Andrew Delbridge. Both Sterling and Andrew (cousins) represent the ninth generation of this Delbridge family in America. We all live in the Richmond, Va, metro area.

On my maternal side, my son is the 5th generation boy named Andrew, starting with my maternal great-grandfather Branscum. Coincidentally, my mother's ancestry can also be traced to Brunswick County, Virginia to the 1700's. Interestingly, there was a Delbridge that married a Branscombe in Brunswick County. This family moved to the Oklahoma City area, prior to one branch (my maternal grandfather Theodore Andrew Branscum) moving to California via the "Mother Road" Route 66 during the dust bowl days.

This information is not guaranteed in any way to be correct. There may be mistakes included in this information. If you notice any mistakes listed, please email me.

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